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    I'm thinning my heard at the house, and have this Wangrow System One that has been in the box since I purchased it years ago. If it looks familiar it could be considered the pre-production version if the NCE systems. NCE acquired the System One from Wangrow. It comes with everything pictured including the command station and reversing loop controller.

    I paid beaucoup bucks for it years ago, and never really got into DCC other than the club layout. It programmed a handful of locomotives but was never connected to a layout. My hope of a nice home layout never materialized so the System One has gone basically unused.

    It doesn't have ALL the features of the new systems but still works just fine. All the documentation comes with it. You'll need a power supply, and I usually just used my track transformer set to full. I'll even throw in a Digitrax DH121 decoder with 8 pin harness to get you started if you have a loco that is 8 pin DCC ready.

    $150 and I'll ship it to your door in the lower 48.

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