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    From my father field notes; circa early 60's

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    I have been looking through some things, and I may be able to fill in a few blanks about the Clinton Sub between Melville and KC Belt Junction. I'll start with Swope Park and work north
    Between Melville and BV Junction the Frisco served but one industry. The steam plant at the Swope Park Zoo, at least through the 1960's burned coal, and as required, 59 would set out one of the 90000 class two-bay hopper cars filled with coal. A portable elevator was placed under the hopper, and the coal was transferred to a small dump truck. I can remember at least one occasion when I saw a solitary Frisco hopper spotted on the passing track. Trips to the zoo invariable led to sneaking out the "back door" of the zoo and down the tracks to see what things of railroad interest might be stirring.
    The other point of interest in this section was Springfield-rebuild, 1352, which sat across the tracks from the Swope Park Zoo. All visits to the zoo required a visit to the 1352.
    Subjected to flooding and vandalism, the KC Park Board wanted this liability removed, and I believe that it was donated to Smoky Hill provided that group removed it from the park. The MP refused to allow its rail to be cut for a temporary turnout, so the movers constructed, for lack of a better description, a “vertical frog and vertical points” to lift the locomotive over the rails and then onto the MP mainline. After its removal from Swope Park, Smokey Hill kept the 1352 in an industrial park in Riverside, MO, where it suffered flooding on at least one occasion. Cash-strapped Smoky Hill sold the locomotive, and the buyer, Ted Leman, moved it to Illinois for restoration and operation. It has since disappeared from railroad on-line discussions.
    The 1352 found its way into my high school year book, The Sachem. Attached is an image of the Class of 1971 Officers and the 1352. Go Southwest!
    The Blue River’s propensity to flood periodically led to the MP’s desire to raise its tracks. That led to the abandonment of the Clinton Sub between these two points.
    A two-story depot existed at Swope Park. It was a copy of the two-story depots that served Latour, Quick City, Blairstown, and Maurine. At some point, it was converted into a dwelling(Section House?). The baggage/frt section was converted into a kitchen and dining room. The office and waiting room were converted into two living rooms. There were two bed rooms upstairs. I can't find any information as to when this structure was retired.
    The annotated topo sheet is from 1964.

    swope_park_topo_anno.JPG swhs_1352_ed.JPG JPEG image 639x366 pixels.JPG
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    A pretty esoteric question, and one probably only Karl B. or other KC denizens can answer:

    Which direction did 1352 face when it was on display at Swope Park? I cannot tell from any of the photos.
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    The 1352 faced "westward".
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    Between the most unusual mountain-peak boiler course and the feedwater heater "draped" (Joe Collias' word, I believe) over the smokebox, the ex-Consolidation-turned-Mikado 1300s have a profile that only a Frisco fan of the West Springfield rebuilds can love.

    Karl, your Dad's field notes really are priceless. A quick look at those should give anyone wanting to model even the simplest of Frisco prototypical locations lots of great ideas.

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