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Discussion in 'Streamlined Cars' started by phil, May 20, 2001.

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    An old thread to be sure, but I am curious to know what became of this project?

    I have, since this post, seen pictures of the lightweight Meteor drumhead in the TRRA Historical society publication on The Meteor. I would love to buy/ make an illuminated lightweight (rectangular) drumhead in HO, I would also like to build an illuminated sign version for the train room. May not have been prototypical, but it would be cool for the ambiance of the train room.
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    The Southland in KCMO. The KCT roundhouse is visible at the very left of the photo, and SW Blvd is on the other side of the train.
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    At one time, the Museum of Transportation in St Louis had a bunch of the glass from signs that they got from the company who did the glass artwork. Since Molly is gone, I don't know who to tell you to contact.
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