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    In the latest Frisco Archive steam photo (2-10-2 #54), just to the front of the engine, there's a little bitty "tease" of some end details of a Frisco wood stock car--can't quite read the number...

    Tom G.
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    Only the last four digits are visible. Looks like 0380 to me.

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    How about 46380 ?

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    If 46380 is the winning number, I suspect this stock car and its kin didn't last much longer than the 2-10-2s, save the relics that were assigned to the Fort Leonard Wood branch.

    I looked in my '43 Official Register and the lowest numbered stock cars start at 47200 (443 total in the 47200-47699 batch buit by AC&F in 1910 - see FMIG Newsletter #40).

    Newsletter #28(A) has a 1918 Official Register for the Frisco. Stock Cars 46200-47199 show on that register, but they are gone by '43.

    Interestingly, stock cars 46101-46199 still carried K.C.F.S.&M. reporting marks in 1918.

    It sure seems, from my reading, that the 2-10-2s were operationally a nightmare, not to mention that they were pretty hulking machines, but I can't help but be impressed by their looks.

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