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  1. I don’t know how many of you watch these podcasts but maybe this will help get some interest in anyone thinking of going or that doesn’t know about it. 4,000 plus models is hard to believe unless you go. Hope to see you there.
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    What are the dates again? I think I saw on John Golden’s blog but I’m lazy at the moment.

    Trying to schedule Cardinals games, SE Missouri trips, camping trips to Bennett Springs and getting the youngest started at Mizzou this fall. She had “Summer Welcome” today. I feel old.
  3. July 30,31

    hope it works out.
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    I'm going.
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    Just a guess here, but, could that be because you are?



    Is that the meet that my MR friend calls the "Collinsville" meet? He says it's up by St. Louis. He wants me to go with him "one of these days", but I'm not too keen on driving that far and spending the $$ to do so. I've got too many things down here I want to spend my $$ on! :LOL:

    We shall see.
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  6. Yeah same show Andre. St Louis group puts in on but the convention center is right across the river in Collinsville Ill
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