St. Paul Branch: Pettigrew - Then and Now

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    Last Saturday (3/19/11), the wife and I spent the day roaming the Ozarks searching for railroad ghosts and haunts from the past. Upon reaching the end of the St. Paul Branch, Pettigrew, AR, I hoped to find where the depot was located so I could orient elements for my in process virtual scale version of it.

    Using mountain contours found in the "then" pic, I moved about until I found what I feel is VERY CLOSE to where the Pettigrew depot sat some 75 years ago. Though the roadbed has been dozed, and the area leveled some... those mountains haven't changed.

    Think I've nailed it?

    Oh, and for what it's worth, also included in the attached composite photo is a view of the same area within the virtual route I'm building. (Note: Consider what you're seeing in the V scale pic to be the same as a model railroad with only a temporary track and basic landforms.)

    Andre Ming

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