St. Louis Union Station Schedule - 1929

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    It is a foldout schedule for all trains departing and arriving St. Louis Union Station circa 1929. Dated: "Effective 12:01 A.M. Sunday, Jan. 20, 1929."

    This is a scanned foldout of a book I got at my library the other day. It was kind of rough in terms of the pages falling out, but still looked good.
    This book is a great read and tells the story of the station itself, then describes the backgrounds and stories of every railroad that used the station. Including our very own Frisco!
    It is filled with pictures of the station, people, trains, maps, etc. What more would you expect?
    If you can find it, I would suggest getting it.


    P.S. I scanned these in very high quality so if anyone for some reason wants a 1200 dpi copy, let me know. :D
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    Excellent information! Thanks for posting.

    Pat Moreland,
    Union Mo.
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    Thomas, thanks very much for posting. Super information for anyone interested in Union Station operations.

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