St. Louis Terminal Division - List Of Stations and Mile Posts

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    St. Louis Terminal Division - List Of Stations And Mile Posts

    St. Louis Terminal Division - List Of Stations And Mile Posts - St. Louis to Southeastern Junction, MO

    M.P.---Station---------------Built---P. C.----------County
    0.0 ----St. Louis-------------1896---SL&SF RR---St. Louis
    2.7-----Chouteau Ave.------1883---SL&SF RY---St. Louis
    3.3-----Tower Grove--------1883---SL&SF RY---St. Louis
    5.0---- Cheltenham---------1883---SL&SF RY---St. Louis
    5.5-----Clifton Heights-----1883---SL&SF RY---St. Louis
    6.0-----Arloe-----------------1883---SL&SF RY---St. Louis
    6.7-----Gratiot---------------1883---SL&SF RY---St. Louis
    7.1-----Lindenwood---------1883---SL&SF RY---St. Louis
    7.3-----Southeastern Jct.---1883---SL&SF RY---St. Louis

    Predecessor Company
    1) SL&SF RY - St. Louis & San Francisco Railway
    2) SL&SF RR - St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad

    1) Connects with Rolla Subdivision, Eastern Division and St. Louis Subdivision, River Division at Southeastern Jct.
    2) Connects with the Missouri Pacific (MP) Railroad at Chouteau Yard and Tower Grove, MO.
    3) Connects with the Terminal Railroad Association (TRRA) at St. Louis and Southeastern Junction.
    4) Lindenwood roundhouse and diesel shop razed late 1985 for new intermodal hub center.

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