Springfield Subdivision - Chadwick Branch - List Of Stations And Mile Posts

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    Springfield Subdivision - Chadwick (later Ozark) Branch - List Of Stations And Mile Posts

    Springfield Subdivision - Chadwick (later Ozark) Branch - List Of Stations And Mile Posts - South Springfield to Chadwick, MO.

    M. P.---Station------------Built------P. C.-------County----Abandoned
    239.1---So. Springfield---7/1882---S&S RR---Greene
    240.0---Southern Jct.----1882------S&S RR---Greene
    243.0---Langston---------1882------S&S RR---Greene
    245.7---Sequiota----------1882------S&S RR---Greene
    246.5---Galloway---------1882------S&S RR---Greene
    249.1---Kissick------------1882------S&S RR---Greene
    253.0---Cassidy-----------1882------S&S RR---Christian----1983
    257.4---Ozark-------------1882------S&S RR---Christian----1983
    259.1---Hedge's-----------1883------S&S RR---Christian----1934
    261.0---McCracken-------1883------S&S RR---Christian----1934
    263.8---White's Spur-----1883------S&S RR---Christian----1934
    265.6---Sparta------------1883------S&S RR---Christian----1934
    268.7---Mill's Spur-------1883------S&S RR---Christian----1934
    269.0---Oldfield----------1883------S&S RR---Christian----1934
    272.6---Chadwick---------6/1883---S&S RR---Christian----1934

    Predecessor Company
    1) S&S RR - Springfield & Southern RR

    1) Chartered to build south through Forsythe to Harrison, AR, construction ended at Chadwick, MO.
    2) Connects with Lebanon Subdivision, Willow Springs Subdivision and Springfield Terminal Division at Southern Junction.
    3) Southern Junction renamed Chadwick Junction 1883.
    4) Rails removed Ozark to Chadwick, MO 1936.
    5) After removal of tracks Ozark to Chadwick in 1936, renamed the Ozark Branch.
    6) Chadwick Junction renamed MK Junction after 1936. Renamed after track was abandoned between Chadwick and Ozark. The new junction station name developed from distant stations reached via the junction, Memphis, TN (southeast via the Willow Springs Subdivision) and Kissick, MO on the Ozark Branch.
    7) Rails removed Kissick to Ozark late summer 1984.

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