SLSF (FRISCO) Springfield Sub ca. 1950

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    Hello all, Cade here! I have begun work on my dream Frisco route for OpenRails, starting with the Springfield Subdivision as it would've appeared around 1950. It's still in the early stages of track laying, but in the past two weeks or so, I have been able to lay out nearly all of South Springfield. You can follow the development of it here!

    "The Frisco Springfield Sub for OR will be the complete sub from Monett to Springfield along with all branches and spurs, and will also include all of Springfield being modeled and detailed in this first release. I am using aerial views from 1959, Sanborn maps from the 1920s and 1930s, and track charts/schematics from the 1960s, so that is one reason why 1950 was chosen as the date. The other reason is because the Frisco dieselized by 1953 so I want this to be in the peak of the railroad's transition era, where first generation diesels served side by side with the SLSF's beautiful 4-8-4s and Heavy 4-8-2s, in my opinion some of the most beautiful steam locomotives ever to be built. Plenty of switching, mainline freight, and passenger action to go around.
    Future Plans:
    This version is just the beginning of a route I have planned and dreamed of building for a few years now. The first full version will include this section along with the Ash Grove Sub to Fort Smith, KS, the Lebanon Sub to Newburg, and the Willow Springs Sub to Thayer. Possible extension past there will be along the Missouri Pacific and the SLSF's lines in far Southwest Missouri."
    Also, feel free to PM me if you have questions or information regarding the operations and industries in this era.
    Thank you!
    Cade VerHage
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