SLSF #86729 PS-4750 Covered Hopper still on the road

Discussion in 'Hopper Cars' started by klrwhizkid, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. klrwhizkid

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    This evening Saturday, June 14, 2014,I caught yet another of the PS-4750 covered hoppers that was part of the last freight cars ordered by the Frisco. It was in a string of covered hoppers (probably a grain train) in the former CB&Q Murray Yard by the downtown airport in Kansas City.

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  2. FriscoFriend

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    I have thought about asking Intermountain to produce a run of these. There are several of us modeling the short time period they were on the property. What do others think, i.e. would they sell and more importantly would you buy one or more? They would probably make 6 road numbers.
  3. klrwhizkid

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    Go for it. They are really unique, especially since they now span such a large period in time, so their appeal should be greater than many others.
  4. trainchaser007

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  5. r c h

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    Tangent would be a better choice since they offer this particular variant on the PS 4750. Intermountain's model represents a prototype with truck mounted brakes, the older PS jack pad/bolster and outlet gates that aren't correct for Frisco. Tangent's 4750 covers all the detail options Frisco hoppers had and it is a much nicer model than the Intermountain model.

    The Amarillo Railroad Museum recently commissioned a run of Fort Worth & Denver hoppers through Tangent. The models look fantastic. I ordered one yesterday after I was notified they were available for $41 each.

    Perhaps could work out a similar deal for these green cars?
  6. trainchaser007

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    So... did The Frisco paint them green with that lettering or would BN do that? They look weird as SLSF without coonskin logos.
  7. klrwhizkid

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    Brandon, they were ordered by the Frisco in that color and painted such with those reporting marks originally. They have not been touched to-date. That is what makes them so unique; in original fallen-flag appearance with no changes whatsoever.
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  8. tmfrisco

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    Brandon, to explain further Keith's comment, they were painted BN green in anticipation of the merger with the BN.

    Terry Jankowski
  9. WindsorSpring

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    A gray, two-bay hopper covered hopper car lettered FRISCO was part of an eastbound freight through Kirkwood at 4:30 PM Friday, August 29, 2014.

    George "at least that's sure what it looked like, but left the camera inside again" Nelson
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