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    FP7A #43 in Orange and White

    Two Photos of FP7A #43 in Orange and White. Both are dated December 1969. Location is presumed to be somewhere in Kansas. Photographer unknown

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    Looks like the back (west) side of the Wichita yard office.

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    SLSF 43 FP7

    Train 730, the daily train, from Ft Smith usually arrived at the West Yards during the wee hours of the morning. On this fall day during 1974, my brother and I chased a westbound freight to Monett. Number 730 surprised us at Monett, as she waited for the westbounder to clear. We chased it back to Springfield. Here it is in the Springfield yards. The shot was taken between Kansas Avenue and Broadway.

    During this time, covered wagons and geep-7's usually handled 730 and 731. Given the grades encountered on the Ft Smith Sub, I was surprised that newer, dynamic-brake equipped powered wasn't used.

    The ETT's stated that even 900's could operate to Ft Smith; I have never seen a photo of one though.

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