SLSF #2120 EMC Motorcar

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    Springfield, maybe? I think I recall Millard Morrow working in or around the Springfield passenger station; looks like that could be a Pullman green heavyweight and part of the Springfield passenger platform in the background?

    Neat color photo of a "Bull Moose!"

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    It looks like there is a second bull moose behind the first.

    I agree this could be Springfield. If you look closely in the background, you will see a viaduct crossing the picture. Grant Ave crosses the Springfield depot site on a viaduct.

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    Bull Mooses 2120, 2121, and 2128 were last used on trains 773 and 774, which ran between Ardmore and Hope. Passenger service between Hugo and Hope died first, and the last run between these points was made on September 8, 1951. Moose 2121 was sent to Springfield, where it was dismantled during October 1951. Bull Mooses 2120 and 2128 soldiered on for two more years, until passenger service between Hugo and Ardmore was discontinued on November 8, 1953. Cars 2120 and 2128 lasted until May 1954, when they were cut-up in Springfield. The car behind 2120 in the image is no doubt number 2128, which was a Sykes car (note the difference in the window pier). Given this history, the picture was most likely taken in Springfield. Note the mud spatters on the face of 2120; she has obviously been drug to Springfield by local freights. The picture was taken during the Spring of 1954.
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