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Discussion in 'General' started by Iantha_Branch, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Iantha_Branch

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    I purchased a brand new shinohara turnout for the interchange I'm building. I had a power to the switch coming in before the points, but after there was no power. So I put in a feeder on the track coming off the right of the switch and the track in the middle. I had first hooked up the track to the right and it worked, but then I added feeders to the track in the middle and it strated short circuting. The only time it does this is when the rail on the point is touching another rail. How do I fix this?
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    Was this a Walthers/Shinohara turnout? If so, you must get one that is specifically labeled as DCC Ready. Power to the frog must be switched based upon the route or you will experience what you are describing.
  3. bob_wintle

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    Much to complicated to explain on the group. Google Wiring for DCC by Alan Gartner I believe. He explains it very well.
    Bob Wintle
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    It's just plain Shinohara. I bought it because it was $10 cheaper than the wlathers/shinohara turnout
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  6. HWB

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    I love it when this happens. I spent a year trying to figure out a switch short with my Peco switches and the diagram Bob posted solved the problem. Money well spent!
  7. Iantha_Branch

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    I have the problem fixed... for now. I took out the rail joiners between the switch and teh powered tracks. Than I added in feeders, but the train will only run solidly through one track, and that's the mop main, which is ok for now. I'll figure out a long term solution later on.

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