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    Howdy folks,

    Many years ago, I thought I saw a Frisco train photo of military equipment on flat cars. It seems like Sherman tanks were included in the equipment. Steam was the power, but I don't recall if it was pre or post war, WWII or Korean War. Does anyone recall seeing a similar picture and remember where they saw it?

    I'd like to build a Frisco train pulling a long string of flat cars with tanks, returning from port to a base for refitting, sale, etc. Any photos or references would be appreciated.

    Sherman tanks weigh in around 30 tons, so I am assuming Frisco had flats that would fit the bill, but they could have been US Army Transportation Corps flats...need to go dig out the books and find out.

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  2. Since I was just looking through Don Hofsommer's book on the QA&P in response to another question, I can point out that it contains, on p. 123, a couple of pictures of QA&P/SLSF trains with significant amounts of military equipment on flatcars. However, the equipment in question is military jeeps and trucks rather than Sherman tanks. I can't discern any roadname or reporting marks on the flatcars. The accompanying text describes the difficulties the QA&P experienced in handling the surge of WW2 traffic with its scant motive power and crews.

    Surely Ft. Leonard Wood and the other military bases along the SLSF sent and received a respectable amount of equipment by rail.

    Bradley A. Scott
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    I believe that photo is inside the back cover or the last page of "Frisco Southwest" but I don't have my copy handy right this minute.

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    LOL, that is too easy. Thanks folks. ~mike
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    Mike -
    To go along with the photographic documentation...the '43 ORER shows all of the Frisco's flats with a maxium capacity ranging from 80,000 lbs. to 110,000 lbs. So, I'd say that all classes could've handled at least one Sherman per car.

    I'll be eager to see your modeling efforts. This is one of the things that led me to want to model 1943 (Grandpa Phillips' stories of riding troop trains and navigating the St. Louis Union Station midway didn't hurt, either).

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