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Discussion in 'Sherman Subdivision' started by Tony Glaze, May 9, 2006.

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    My maternal grandfather was a machinist in Sherman. He worked there until 1938. I think repairs were done there. He had a brother that probably worked in Kansas city Mo shop. My grandfather changed the spelling of his name -as the company did not hire siblings (this may not be accurate). Do any of the posters here know much about the Sherman operation? How many people worked there? What type of work was done there-simple-routine maintenance, or more complex repairs?

    I have some of his tools- calipers -not too sophisticated. He could have had other more elaborate tools I have not seen.

    This is for personal curiosity as I never knew my grandfather and I enjoy history in general about trains. I am really proud my grandfather worked in this trade. The Frisco shops were a good employer as he worked steady through the depression and my family was grateful for this.

    Sorry to start a thread for selfish reasons, but I was not sure where to start. Thank you.

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