Seymour, MO

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    Seymour, MO - 1954

    Seymour, MO 1954. Photo from previous "All Aboard" magazines. Currently in collection of the Frisco Building LLC (posted with permission).

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    Seymour, MO - diagram 1916

    Seymour, MO - Floor plan from FMIG NL 32 January 1982, Ron Williams.

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  3. Frisco Depot Seymour Mo


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    :) 1926 Sanborn Map of Seymour,Mo Station

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    :) Seymour, Mo Station May 1977

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    I barely remember the Seymour, MO depot, even though I have been in and out of the town for most of my life, (I am 43 yrs old now) I didn't pay much attention to the depot's existance in May, 1977. I know where it would have been standing though, according to old photographs. Now the area is where extra rail is being stored at. The spurs and sidings are gone now, and the siding is cut off before the Commercial Street crossing. Once in a while, grain is unloaded here into semi-trucks, and vise versa.
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    From Richard Crabtree on the Frisco Rails Across Missouri Facebook group:
    Here we are at the Frisco Depot in Seymour, Missouri. Originally built for the Kansas City Ft. Scott & Memphis Line after coming through Seymour in 1882. The town was named after a town in Indiana.
    Photo 1) Photo 1) Kansas City Ft. Scott & Memphis Depot in Seymour, Missouri
    Photo 2) Frisco Depot Seymour Missouri Blueprint ~ MSU Digital Collection
    Photo 3) Frisco Depot Seymour Missouri 1916 Sanborn Map ~ MU Digital Collection
    Photo 4) Frisco Depot in Seymour Missouri in 1961
    Seymour Mo Depot KCFS&M.jpg Seymour Mo Depot plan.jpg Seymour Mo Sanborn map 1916.jpg Seymour Mo Depot Frisco 1961.jpg

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