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    Hi Y'all,

    My mind has been spinning today on a module I have actually had dreams about making. It is a river crossing, through a single track truss bridge, like the Walther's single style. The river below has rocky edges but has docks where pleasure craft are parked and folks are swimming, fishing, picnicking, etc. Rolling from left to right, the train will enter a right hand turn, then enter the bridge, and upon exit, will go through a gentle curve to a straight away which sits on a level knoll. Just on the East side of the bridge is a dirt road crossing that is guarded by two wig wag signals. That road then extends down into town, where the town is built up on both sides of the streets. A small park is between the street and the tracks.

    This location, is also a bottleneck, as in the main lines are double till the bridge and then single across the bridge, and then double back out again. So there will be some train signals.

    I have always loved semaphore signals. Ever since I was a little kid, seeing a semaphore move and direct trains was fun to watch. When I was a conductor on the C&O, we had color position lights. Boring! I know the Frisco used semaphores, so that's what I'm going to go with.

    I've hooked onto Tomar Industries Semaphores. They offer upper quads with red "Home" and yellow "Distant" flags. They also have Train Order Semaphores. But I don't fully understand how double unit semaphore signals operate. Are they just like multiple Color Position signals, or are they top for left track, bottom for right track. I have no clue. A search here on the board didn't exactly bring any info up other than verifying the Frisco had them.

    I found this:

    Railroad Signals - US - Semaphores

    but they didn't really go into multiple semaphores that much. Can someone help explain the semaphore puzzle? I know that railroads back then had more than stop, caution and clear.



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    Dang it. Guess I didn't go don't low enough in the article. It was right there staring me in the puss. Oh well, this is good info anyway. Please share your experiences with semaphores if you have them.



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    C'mon guys. Feed me some replies. I love thoughts, ideas and constructive criticism. I'm gonna see to it that this board comes alive! |-|

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