Seeking information on # 1550 Tulsa

Discussion in 'Heavyweight Cars' started by Bob Cline, Jun 13, 2020.

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    I am a fan of the Royal American Shows. They received a car called TULSA. It was built in 1948 as Lot # 6768, Plan # 7541 as an observation car. It was modified in 1960. I can only assume this is when the Observation end was enclosed. In 1972 it was sold to C. Arch Bay ( a real estate company )

    Now I do not know when it was sold to the Royal American Shows or who sold it to them. 1978 was the last year Royal American Shows used this car. They sold it sometime after that.

    A thread on another forum states it was at the Kentwood Arms Hotel in Springfield, Missouri.

    Another thread said it was scrapped out in 2001.

    Can anyone offer any information to help fill these gaps or provide photos in the SLSF paint?

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    Thanks Mark. I'm actually trying to find pictures of this car in it's original paint. I've seen comments that says it was Blue and white, in the Pullman Green and the STSF red.
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