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    From Ken Creager in Lakewood Ranch, FL:

    My name is Ken Creager and I am currently working on a cosmetic restoration of the Frisco 0-6-0 3749 at the Florida Railroad Museum in Willow Florida. I have worked on a number of projects in my life, including 290 and 750 in Atlanta, and LS&I #18 now in Frisco TX. I also sit on the board of the Museum of the American Railroad (used to be in Dallas) in Frisco.

    Having moved to FL a number of years back, I have been working on the restoration of the 3749 for about 3 years. Once located at Church Screen Station in Orlando, the locomotive (0ne of two left from what I have researched) is well on its way to once again flying the Frisco colors.

    With donations of some steel and some work from a number of contributing organizations in the area, we are just a few months way from the final prep or bead and sand blasting before paint on the locomotive. Work on the tender will follow as funds and time present themselves.

    If you are a Frisco fan, please forward the go-fund-me link below to help fun the restoration. The funds all go to the museum, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and get dispersed to complete the effort. No staff member or anyone associated with the museum are paid on this volunteer based restoration.

    Thank you for your consideration and please pass this along to your Frisco friends
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