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    Date unknown. Photo from St.James, MO. Library. Copied by Pat Moreland.

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    Thank you much! Duly saved to the my "LeadLines" folder!
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  4. Does anyone have pictures of Sligo Furnace Company's #1, #2, #3 and #6 rod steam locomotives?
    #5 may have been a 1905 Davenport 2-6-0?
    Any pictures of the S&E RR depots at Dillard, East-End and at Sligo?
    Jacob found the depot in a gas jump/store in Bixby.
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    The Thursday, February 19, 1931 edition of the Salem Post describes a fire at the roundhouse that caused minor burns to several of the local volunteer firefighters. The fire started in a shed adjoining the roundhouse, which contained about 20 barrels of flammables, including motor oil, coal oil (?), valve oil, turpentine, and cleaning fluid. Two locomotives were inside but were undamaged. The roundhouse itself was relatively unscathed, with the firefighters dousing it with water to prevent the fire from spreading.

    The Thursday, May 18th, 1933 edition of the same paper describes the closing of the roundhouse and moving of equipment to Cuba. This was done on account of the daily train originating in Cuba and returning the same day. The article notes that Cuba had no roundhouse or other structure to store locomotives and conduct maintenance or repairs. Affected by the move were foreman A.S. Abbot, and his crew of Ralph Sexton, Earl Sexton, and Matt Gibbs. The moving of equipment from Salem to Cuba started on Tuesday, May 16, 1933. The building itself would linger on for a few more years as the office of the Missouri Walnut Company.

    Both articles are from the Missouri Digital Newspaper Project collection (

    Pat Moreland
    Wesco, Missouri
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