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Discussion in 'S Scale' started by Joseph Toth, Jul 21, 2012.

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    M.T.H. Electric Trains has acquired all tooling and production assets of S Helper Service's Showcase Line of S scale trains.

    S Helper Service has produced a number of Frisco models over the years and though I plan to construct a shelf layout in large scale along my 28 ft. balcony, I could visualize a small 5X7 S scale "Plywood Pike" based on the Atlas HO scale 4X6 "Simplicity & Great Plains" layout that was designed in the 50s.

    I do have space in my basement and the S&GP would be a Frisco subsidiary "Somewhere in West Texas" that interchanges with the QA&P. Despite the continued popularity of HO scale, like Andre Ming, I find S scale the perfect size to model in when modeling in a scale smaller than G. I hope M.T.H. will continue to market models for the Frisco when they start production. Sending them my request is a priority!

    Joe Toth

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