removing truck pins from caboose 1285-1292

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  1. paul slavens

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    Does anybody have any diagrams or info regarding how to remove the truck pins from caboose 1285-1292 built in 1969? We are getting ready to move 1288 from Ash Grove and will need to separate the body from the trucks but we are not sure how the pins come out, there is no hole on the bottom center of the truck frame so I'm assuming the pins come out from the top, but access is tough and their appears to be a hex head bolt recessed in the truck center from the top, but Im not certain. The earlier cabooses 1200-1274 have the pins that come out the bottom and they are fairly easy to remove. Any info or diagrams would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Paul
  2. paul slavens

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    Perhaps this will help.....The trucks are "bettendorf" caboose trucks, any car knockers out there? We will no doubt figure it out with some small telescoping mirrors and flashlights but I just thought it would be nice if someone was already familiar with these. 1275-84 also rode on the same trucks so I suspect they would be pinned just the same as 1285-92. Thank you. Paul
  3. paul slavens

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    Since none of you had any knowledge on the subject of the truck pins on these cabooses, I thought I would share what I learned. Both 1288 and 1291 have one piece "torpedo" style pins that are pointed on both ends, the pins are held on by gravity only. The early 1200-74 cabooses have two piece pins that come out from the bottom. 1288 and 1291 are both in Tulsa now.
  4. magistrate

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    congatulations, how about some pictures!!!

  5. paul slavens

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    I will post some pics tomorrow, they are both sitting on jacks, removed from the trucks. The plan is to restore them both and send them to the Midland Railway in Baldwin City Kansas to run on the tourist railroad there. I am very excited about the project ! 1288 will be white striped and 1291 will be freight car red with the "ship it" paint. I am going to start a new thread titled 1288 and 1291 to post pics and talk about progression. Im really excited because mechanically, both of these girls are very nice and had the wheels replaced less than 3 years before being retired (the wheels have the mfg dates cast into them on the inside) and the brake valves and cylinders work when air is applied. Also they both have Timken bearing trucks. I will add more details when I start the new thread.
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    This is exciting news! Four restored Frisco cabooses, with two soon to be in our backyard just outside Kansas City.

    Your wonderful work would make a very interesting clinic. From your search, negotiations with former owners, the moves, finding or fabricating parts, the actual reconstruction, painting and lettering work. We are hopeful that you are keeping detailed records and photographs to share with others.

    Your painting guides may be an asset we can work with to encourage and help other owners use to properly restore other Frisco cabooses. Unfortunately far too many are sitting in strange colors and graphics.

    We all appreciate your investment, time, effort and interest in bringing back a piece of the Frisco! Thank you very much!!

    Hope this helps.


  7. paul slavens

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    Thanks Mark
    It makes me happy to see people in our Frisco community who are supportive of these restorations. I hoped that some people would not be upset that these cabooses were being removed from the locations where they had been deteriorating for the last 25 years or so. When I see 1232, 1288, and 1291 all together in one location it seems a bit surreal knowing how long its been since 3 Frisco cabooses had been together in the same spot. I have been taking quite a few photos along the way and will continue to do so. I have most of the process planned out and know how and who will get some of the tasks done like glazing, sandblasting, fabricating, lettering, and electrical. Im still not certain exactly how we will replace the floor boards and what the source for the material will be, but with more looking and investigating it will get done properly.
    Also I need to find some paint codes for these girls so that we will be sure to have the proper color match. I know that the original color on 1291 is from Pittsburgh Paint and it is called "carhide hot spray freight car red" I always assumed this color was just like the color on the Frisco red/brown boxcars but after peeling away some green paint on 1291 I see the color is a dark red and not brown. Also I will need help tracking down paint codes for the orange and white scheme too. We plan on painting with Imron paint from DupPont because of its durability. Any help with the color codes would be hugely appreciated.
    I would be open to sharing what I've learned and describe everything in a clinic at the convention. I plan on attending and am looking forward to meeting some people. Paul
  8. ashnme

    ashnme locoengr

    Paul, have you located the paint codes for the caboose yet? We here at the Railroad Historical Museum Inc. in Springfield have had an inquiry about the paint codes and color. Hope you can help.

    Bill Houser
  9. paul slavens

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    Hi Bill, We have not found any paint codes to tie colors to any paint manufacturers. But all is not lost. 1288 from Ash Grove made it to the orange and white paint, and right after the paint was applied there were decals put on it with the black border yellow ball design. Lucky for us I have peeled part of that decal away and revealed some "new old" Frisco orange paint. I have removed about a square inch of the orange and I am going to take it to the paint store and have them match it on the computer paint matching machine and mix up a pint of it in "imron" paint. After that I will paint a section of 1288 to check for color match and then I will post the batch mixing code. It was really neat seeing some new old Frisco Orange after so many years. The true color seems to be more orange than our old pics indicate. I will never refer to the Frisco paint as "red and white" any more....LOL
    As far as the freight car red color on the cabooses, 1291 from Exeter has some "new old" paint under the aluminum window frames and I will try to remove a large chip and get a color code in the same method as mentioned above. I will post the info as soon as its available. Paul Slavens
  10. klrwhizkid

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    Paul, the original red of the Red/White scheme was Chevy Engine Red as applied on the EMD GP35 demos. That red is more orange than red.
  11. paul slavens

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    Interesting Keith, that makes perfect sense that EMD would use an existing GM color, and I always thought the white band on these locos looked just like GM #11 white that has been applied to countless GM fleet vehicles since the early 1960s.
  12. ashnme

    ashnme locoengr

    What about the Red that was used before the paint scheme was changed to Red and White? Does anyone know what color will work? We are talking about a full size caboose. Thanks Bill
  13. paul slavens

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    Hi Bill, I always called that color "caboose red" I have not seen any codes for that either, but the cabooses at Birch Tree Missouri and Frisco City Alabama look like they have been painted the correct color so perhaps those towns could be approached to see who painted them and what paint code was used.
  14. meteor910

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    Bill -

    I think a simple answer to your question is that the Frisco cabs, at least in the diesel era, ranged from red oxide paint to boxcar red paint, with several shades in between, prior to the red orange/white epidemic. The thing to do is to model a car you have a color pic of (many are posted on this site), and match the color. The colors of all classes of cabs seemed to vary in particular after shop repaints.

    There was a very good two-part article about the Frisco's caboose fleet in Diesel Era a few years ago, but I don't recall they had much to say about paint color.

  15. paul slavens

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