Red & Gray Camouflage Passenger Service Roster 1948-1956" as reprinted by the Frisco

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    Does anyone know if there are still copies of this available? Alternatively, can anyone provide a list of the baggage-express cars that were painted in the "camouflage" red-and-silver paint scheme?

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    Gordon -

    Per Alan Schmitt's 1991 Frisco RR Museum roster of red/gray Frisco passenger equipment, following are the Baggage-Express cars indicated to have been repainted in the red/gray colors:

    371 (former blue& gray car) July, 1955
    430 May, 1949
    431 April, 1949
    432 May, 1949
    436 March, 1949
    437 May, 1956

    plus the following Mail-Baggage cars are listed as well:

    109 July, 1955
    208 December, 1954

    Ken |-|
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    Many thanks. It pretty much all makes sense -- the Fall 1959 assignments show 430/432 as the StL-Fort Smith baggage cars, 431/437 as the StL-OKC storage mail cars, and 371 as a single baggage car operating an OKC-Lawton turn, all on the Meteor. That just leaves 436 which was assigned KC-Memphis on the Sunnyland and the RPOs, neither of which appears to have had a regular assignment (though I wonder if one or both might have operated on the Texas Special after the SLSF's lightweight RPO was wrecked).

    Interestingly, though, there were three other pairs of headend cars on the Meteor which did not have red-and-silver cars. The StL-Ft Smith car was a red-and-silver one from the earliest days of the streamlined Meteor until 1/10/60, after which there was never another one recorded. I don't know if that meant the thru car to St Louis was discontinued, but I suspect so as there had always also been a Ft Smith-Springfield sealed baggage car and after this date only one baggage car was in the consist.


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