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Discussion in '1500 Class Mountains' started by TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020), Nov 16, 2014.

  1. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

    TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020) Passed Away July 15, 2020 Supporter

    Someone who knows cars might help in dating this photo, it looks to me that the green car to the viewers left in the picture is a '46 to '48 Buick. I'm sure there are some car gurus that can place it for sure.

    Tom G.
  2. WindsorSpring

    WindsorSpring Member

    The car behind the green car has a distinctive line for the trunk. It is partially obscured by the green car and behind a pole as well, so identification will be tricky. It does look rather "50's."

    A high resolution copy (2784 x 1533) of this photo ended up on my hard drive on 7/18/2012, and it could have come from A quick search of the 1500 Class Mountains section of gives no quick clue. My file name is "steamslsf1521 Windsor Springs," but I have no further documentation of that.

    The road and crossing geometry certainly look like Geyer and Big Bend (Windsor Springs). If that is the case, the track to the right of the locomotive no longer exists, so it provides another opportunity for putting a date on the photo;, we know the photo cannot have been taken after the track was removed.

  3. klrwhizkid

    klrwhizkid Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    I'm not sure about the car in the foreground, but the one the the back is a third generation Buick Roadmaster (1942 - 1948). The car in the foreground looks like a 1946 Buick Super Convertible.

    The sign at the right edge of the picture says Windsor Springs.
  4. WindsorSpring

    WindsorSpring Member

    klrwhizkid alertly noted: "The sign at the right edge of the picture says Windsor Springs."

    It sure does!

  5. frisco1522

    frisco1522 Staff Member Staff Member

    The bluish car on the left at the stop sign is a 49 Mercury convertible. Location is at Big Bend and Geyer Rd. I would put it in 1949 or 1950. Train is the "Pacific Switcher" which left Lindenwood with empty hoppers and gons about 1 PM or so, went out to Pacific,MO to switch the gravel pits and bring the loads back in. My Dad used to catch this once in a while and didn't like it. I could very well be him as engineer on the 1521.
    The first time I ever ran a steam engine was on the 4146 out in Pacific. I was about 10 and Mom drove me out there to ride on the engine with Dad. I got to take it around the wye at the west end and bring it back to Pacific. Didn't sleep for a week after that. His fireman, who was a real character, couldn't believe I could blow such a good grade crossing signal.
    First of many rides with Dad.
  6. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    George - The 1521 pic at Windsor Springs came from me (no idea where I got it!, probably from somewhere). The file name (steamslsf1521 Windsor Springs.jpg) is my file name nomenclature.

    Neat pic! For sure at Big Bend and Geyer. Used to run down there now and then to watch #9 go by around 6:45pm during the summers 1960-1964. Wish we would have done that earlier in my life to see 1521 and friends come by! My grandparents had a close friend who lived on Frisco Blvd a few miles east of here and whose yard had a good view of the SLSF. I remember a picnic at their house years ago during which one or two trains came by, eastbound. They both were steam powered, made nice noise, and I certainly remember they both had a red plate under the headlight. I was probably five or six, maybe seven. Likely my first Frisco sighting! Been a few more since.

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  7. paul slavens

    paul slavens Member

    Thanks Don for sharing that story !! That is beyond awesome !
  8. frisco1522

    frisco1522 Staff Member Staff Member

    That's from a slide that I bought. I have no idea who took it, but am glad they did. Wish I had that Merc convertible.
  9. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    I had noticed that too.

    Guys, not to take away from the forum but we would love to have these conversations under the pictures on the Frisco Archive to preserve what people have to say about the individual images! These are the kinds of discussions we would love to stimulate based on the images. If we don't discuss the images on the Frisco Archive visitors to that site will not see what you all have to say about them.

    If you are not signed up to post on the Frosco Archive, click here.

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  10. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

    TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020) Passed Away July 15, 2020 Supporter

    Who cares where the message is posted, I wanted it for all to see (My posting and​ the picture. Do only chat boarders who pay get to see the Frisco Archive? Is the "Frisco Archive" some exclusive "club?" I've contributed to the Archive and I'd like everyone to see the pictures whether they contribute or not! It's all Frisco for all to see as far as I'm concerned.

    Tom G.
  11. trainchaser007 (Brandon Adams RIP 9/22/2017)

    trainchaser007 (Brandon Adams RIP 9/22/2017) Passed away September 22, 2017

    I just submitted my request to join the Frisco archive. In doing so, I found nothing that led me to believe it's not free. I may learn otherwise later but it seems to be free.
  12. tmfrisco

    tmfrisco Member Supporter

    It is completely free to join which means it is not exclusive:confused: at all. All it asks is to set up a logon information. I see nothing wrong with posting in both places. If you want to point out a picture in the regular forum, please feel free to do, but also add a comment in the archive. I do check the comment link under each picture as it is the easiest and quickest way to post and read any comments for that particular picture. I, for one, appreciate the work, time, and expense that Charlie puts into not only the, but also the archives. Charlie's reasoning is valid, but I see no reason to post the comments in the archives only (which I do not believe Charlie was implying), hence, my suggestion to post in both sections.

  13. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter


    Allow me to thank you for these comments and to apologize because if you are not understanding what I am saying, that is my fault for failing to properly communicate my meanings. If you are not understanding what I am saying, then it is likely that others are not understanding, and that indicates a failure on my part.

    As far as being an "exclusive club," we do not charge for anything. There is nothing that a member of the Frisco Archive and see that a non-member can see. Both logged in members and visitors can see the exact same thing. The only difference is that a logged in member can post comments under the images. So, no private club!

    Membership is free and I have invited everyone to join. Once a person signs up using the JOIN link, I have to manually create their profile. The reason for this is to prevent spam. As it is now, there is no spam on the Frisco Archive. Let's keep it that way!

    Why do you need to join here (the forum) and the Frisco Archive? The answer is simple: This site (the forum) and the Frisco Archive are driven by two different pieces of software. Both are property of (meaning that they are our (meaning all of us) sites). Because the mission of the forum and the Frisco Archive are slightly different, they are driven by different pieces of software.

    So, why do I suggest that people post discussions about the pictures on the Frisco Archive and not this forum?

    An example: Take a look at this post on the archive. Note that there are two comments under the picture. It would be possible to have many comments under the picture. And, some pictures might stimulate a lot of comments (I hope).

    If those comments are preserved under the picture, they will be there for new people that have not discovered the site to see. They would get to see the image and the comments under it, and possible add to the discussion!

    However, if the discussions are here on the forum, there is no connection between the discussion here on the forum, and the photo on the Frisco Archive. Thus, people who discover the Frisco Archive and look at a particular image, would not be privy to the discussion about the image because it would be over here on the forum. We might have an interesting image that provokes a discussion of 20 to 30 comments. If it is here on the forum, and not on the image on the Frisco Archive, new people will not see the discussion because the image and the discussion are in two different places!

    I am not saying that you cannot discuss the images here on the forum - nothing of the sort. I am only trying to steer you toward having the discussion(s) about any particular image on the Frisco Archive so as to connect the information and have it in one place for others to see.

    That's all my point was on this and if people were thinking something else, then please comment and allow me to address the concern.

    Thanks again,

  14. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

    TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020) Passed Away July 15, 2020 Supporter

    Nobody seems to look at the Archive comments, I put it here because wanted to have some feedback toward figuring out the date of the photo. Sorry it turned into such a Federal Case.

  15. tmfrisco

    tmfrisco Member Supporter

    Actually, I check every new picture for any comments. Admittedly, if someone scrolls down and comments on a picture that is not available on the first page or two, I would not see that. My suggestion to post in both places would address that issue. I wish more comments would appear in the Archives to further explain the posted photos.

  16. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    Oh, it's not a federal case. It's just a case of trying to make our websites as good as they can be and promote what we do.

    As far as nobody looking at the comments on the archive, the server logs would seem to indicate that we get several hundred views per day by real visitors (minus robots, spammers, etc.).

    Note also the list of recent comments on the right side of the page. I check that every day to see which images have been commented on.


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