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    Hello members,

    Well I got my Athearn Genesis FP7's and are they great, can't wait until I can run them. I'll be coming over Tony. Lol.

    To my question,
    I noticed that the Genesis A units are numbered in 2 digits and the B units are 3 digit. When did they re number the F's from 4 digit to 2 digit numbers? (note. the new Genesis units are orange and white).

    I model 1964 to 1967 and I always thought the F's were 4 digit.

    Larry Winfrey
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    The F7 and F9 units all began as four digit units in the 5000 series from 5018 - 5051 and 5118 - 5152. In the 1968 renumbering, in most cases, the preceding 5 was dropped along with a zero, if present. Thus numbers 5040, 5043, and 5050 became 40, 43 and 50 respectively. Numbers 5135 and 5145 became 135 and 145 respectively.

    It's more complicated than that, but it will suffice as an abbreviated explanation. For further understanding, I will refer you to Louis A. Marre and John Baskin Harper's Frisco Diesel Power.
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    Correct. The F3 renumbering was a little more complicated.

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    Thanks Keith,
    That's the info I needed and as you directed I will refer to the Frisco Diesel book by Marre & Harper.

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