Railroad action to/from and on Alabama State Docks 1950s.

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  1. http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index....-northern-railroad-company-history.789/page-2

    Thanks for the add to your group.
    I live in New Zealand with an interest in US railroads at the transition period and in the South and South West.

    My interest at the moment is to locate information/photos/maps of all operations on to the Alabama Docks from Mobile by various railroads and the operations on the docks themselves. In the 1950s era etc

    The above thread on frisco group covers a little of the operation.
    Some questions:
    Where was the overall operation on the docks controlled. Permissions to go on to the docks etc.
    Operational reports of TASD
    Photos of locos and rolling stock on the docks and working. Includes other railroads and TASD equipment. Especially unlikely equipment on the docks at some times. Say Ingalls 4-S.
    GM&O holdings on the docks, terminals, locos rostered to the docks. 1950s
    Frisco holdings on the docks, terminal, locos rostered to the docks. 1950s

    Charles Harris

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