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Discussion in 'General' started by geep07, Nov 27, 2017.

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    Is the rail cross section profile different between Atlas compared to Micro Engineering?
    This is .148 rail in reference to!
    When joining these two different flex track at the rail joiners, you can feel that there is not a smooth transition between the two different rails.
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    I suspect there is - the Micro Engineering dies used for code 125 are certainly different from other makes, so I suspect there is a significant difference between ME & Atlas.

    I'm ordering samples of a special run of ME code 125 which has a rounded top surface as opposed to the flatter contour. I know it won't likely impact rolling or hunting characteristics of a truck, but I prefer the look when a headlight reflects off the rail.

    A Dremel can easily help ease the transition step off between the two pieces of flex track. Also be sure to check the inner aspect of the rail - the contour maybe impacting that area too.

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