QA&P Yard/Bridge Quanah TX area circa 1997-2002

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    Below This is the QA&P headed to Acme, the track on the R is a siding the middle is the MT, the track to L is the S leg of Y.

    QA&P W to Acme.jpg QA&P Shanty.jpg

    Above is the Q shanty, The track with cars on it is the S leg of Y, the middle track is the MT L to OKC R to Acme, bottom track siding

    QA&P Yard L Main track from OKC R tracl S leg of Y.jpg
    Above is the view from the north looking at the Q yard. The bottom R track is that S leg of Y, the track to L is Inbound from OKC, in the distance we can see the yard and cotton oil mill to L.
    That Cemetary is where my Grandpa rests, that took me for my first train ride on a Frisco GP-7.

    QA&P Yd from S end L trk to Q depot R track to FW&D.jpg \
    Above is a view from the South looking north Track to R was to the FW&D track to L was to the QA&P depot R/H as well as connection to the FW&D as well as their small yard.

    QA&P Yd from SW.jpg
    Above we see a 3/4 view looking from the SW, Interesting to see the TOFC cars in there, the cotton oil mill had 1 track in it and it was very busy at one time. There is a Sanborn map that shows all the tracks in and around Quanah, I have made some additions to the map and am trying to get permission to post it here. Quanah was a very busy little RR town back in the day.
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    Here are a few shots of the cotton oil mill in Quanah. The photos were taken by my late Uncle, Jerry Owens, year unknown.
    Below is the general office at the mill.
    Quanah Cotton Oil Mill.jpg

    Below is a view of the single track that served the mill.
    Quanah Cotton oil mill track-1.jpg

    Below is the opposite side view of the same track.
    Quanah Cotton Oil Mill-2.jpg

    Please post any comments, additions or corrections.
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    Here are a few shots of the Q bridge over Groesbeck Creek, just West of Quanah.

    QA&P Bridge over Groesbeck Creek 2002.jpg

    QA&P Bridge over Groesbeck Creek-3        2002.jpg

    QA&P Bridge over Groesback Creek-2       2002.jpg
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    Hey Tom--thanks for sharing your passion. Nice shots! Does BNSF use any of this trackage or is it all history? Larry
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    The BNSF does still use this part of the QA&P, I dont know if the Oil Mill is still in service I think not. But the rest of the images of this is still in service. I believe someone said in a post that the old Q from Quanah to Acme is a 2nd MT now, but this was a few years ago.
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    That is correct. QA&P main is Main 1, FW&D main is Main 2.
    Screenshot_2016-05-25-21-41-59.png Screenshot_2016-05-25-21-40-29.png
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    Thanks Ryan!!
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    Anytime, Tom.
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    The siding referred to in the top photo was called the Stockpen pass.
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