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    Frisco pulpwood flat 555776 near Atmore AL in April 1982, headed to the large paper mill at Cantonment, FL

    Rick Morgan

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    Over 100 pulpwood flats (or woodracks) went to the Kiamichi Railroad when it started operations 20 years ago on the ex-Frisco A&A Sub and Paris & Antlers Branches. In the mid-90s, they were converted by the railroad to handle logs instead of 5-foot pulpwood loads by the addition of large side stakes. Most are still in service, used in log-hauling from a woodyard south of Antlers to the G-P paper mill in Ashdown, AR.

    In HO and N scale, Walthers came out with a GSC bulkhead flat that can be bashed into a reasonable-looking model of a Frisco pulpwood flatcar.
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    Hi guys
    just did an Atheran 50' "standard" flatcar....want to paint it BC red
    and letter it for FRISCO...Anyone have the No. series for 50'
    gen purpose flatcars??
  4. pensive

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    General Purpose Flat Car

    Nicholas John Molo's Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipmnet pictures a 53' 6" IL general purpose flat car numbered 2152 on page 85. The series was numbered 2100-2199.
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    Re: General Purpose Flat Car

    I found a photo on the net somewhere....had a flatcar (50')
    with a load on it...No 95701...so I lettered it in that series
    the load was a 44t locomotive..but I will take note of your

  6. pensive

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    Flat cars

    A reproduction of January, 1953 edition of The Official Railway Equipment Register lists the exterior length of series 95300-95799 flatcars as 42' 11". You may want to take a closer look at that picture.
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    In the 1970s US Hobbies imported brass pulpwood cars in both HO and O scale and in recent years Atlas released diecast/plastic cars also in HO and O scale. Atlas offered the Frisco roadname in both scales.

    Do the US Hobbies and Atlas cars represent the Frisco close enough to place them in service on a layout?

    What part(s) of the system did Frisco pulpwood hauling take place?

    Joe Toth

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