Public Timetable June 1925

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    FRISCO LINES public timetable for June 1925.

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    Thanks John.

    I have a rather large collection of Frisco public timetables, about 175 total, most from 1928 forward, but several older than that. I'll not want to post them all, but if any one has a specific date they are interested in, let me know. It will take me a while, though!

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    I noted that the Rich Hill branch is still listed in this TT. I saw Karl's post and discussion from a few years back about this often overlooked digit of the Memphis Route, but I've never seen a picture of any trains on it that I can remember. I believe it actually went a little further east of Rich Hill to a strip mine area known as Carbon Center.
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    Hello Ken,

    I'd love to see any PTT that lists a JP Hanlon.
    He started in Chicago (where he was listed in 1931) and was transferred to St. Louis in 1936 or 1937.

    He was my grandfather.
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