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Discussion in 'General' started by Ranma, Sep 14, 2010.

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    I take it you meant re-trucked. If so, that is a very expensive and time consuming task that only a few contract shops can undertake on passenger cars. It's really starting to sound like you may have a car that is only good for scrap.

    John Chambers
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    Well if I like the car it will make nice quest housing then.
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    Pacific Ocean

    Well someone else bought the car. I was going to inspect it last week when the owner said someone else has already sent a deposit :eek: It must be fate or something. There is another car there the Pacific Ocean. It is a much cleaner car and should be able to be made Amtrak ready in no time. It is a 1950 Budd car that ran on Union Pacific.
    My company Ranma Enterprises LLC is all ready to purchase the car. Pending an inspection by myself and a neutral 3rd party person. Once again, I have military duty coming up so it will have to wait till next weekend.
  4. So, Ranma, how does the story end? Did you end up buying a passenger car? If so, please share details.
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