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Discussion in 'N Scale' started by tim gungoll, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. tim gungoll

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    Can anyone give me any guidelines on what is a fair price for brass? I know it also depends on rarity. However, there must be some base-line guidelines. I found a n gauge mkt brass steam engine listed for about $300 and have no idea what is fair.
  2. I would guess this is a Hallmark that came out the same time as the SLSF ones that I have. All three of the locos I have, retailed for $372 and the discounted dealer price was $299.95. Two were issued 9/92 and the third 1/93.
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    I have a pair of Hallmark F-unit A-B diesel sets from the early 90's (I think??). One (Reading F-7's), I traded stuff for. The other (KCS passenger F-3's) I bought about 2004 at a hobby shop "new, old stock" for about $100. When these engines came out, seems I remember they were about $149.95 for A-B set, both powered.


    PS: Hallmark engines are nowhere near as good runners as Kato, Life-Like or Atlas locomotives! You're paying for the paint jobs!
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    I'd check Google for the brass you are interested in, then check eBay. Seems like prices go up and down, depending on the season and demand. There is a new little brown book on brass that is out. It is very expensive in itself, but it has prices for brass that can serve as a benchmark.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks Mike. Does the Little Brown Book on Brass cover all scales?
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    I did some checking and the name of the newer brass price book is the The Brass Train Guide Book, and I think the price list is separate. A previous book was the brown book. It looks like they only review and rate from HO up as I saw no mention of N or Z on the site. A note to the publisher might be worth it.

    Perhaps the ebay price comparison approach is best...


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