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    From Jim Hughes on the Frisco Rails Across Missouri Facebook group:
    Can any of the Section Gang People on this group explain why the 302 mile on Cherokee Subdivision has 50 poles?

    Karl Brand:
    The short answer is that is what was necessary. The pole line record indicates that there were 60 poles between MP 302 and 303.
    The "common" spacing between poles was variable. The spacing was dependent upon topography, dependent upon whether or not the setting was urban or rural, the number of wires on the pole, and dependent upon the track configuration. The pole line was also set inside the ROW line so that all wires were located inside the railroad ROW. For single track the right of way was usually 50 feet wide, and through towns, the right of way was typically 100 feet wide. The pole line "wandered" within the ROW in order to avoid structures, tracks, etc. In "town" the poles were taller to provide overhead clearance for the grade crossings; in a rural setting the poles were shorter.
    I have copied pages from my father's notes that show the number of poles per each mile on the KC Sub and the Cherokee Sub.
    See also: http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/telegraph-pole-spacing-standard.1290/#post-7166

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