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  1. I just came across an interesting video clip about the quarry at Phenix, Mo., once a major traffic source on the old KCC&S.

    It looks like a segment from a local television news broadcast. It's partly a promo for a local business (the fellow they interview is evidently using stone from the quarry to make household furnishings), but it has some good information and images about the history of the town and the quarry.

    At one time, I think the All Aboard magazine had an extensive article about the Phenix quarry operation, with a fold-out track chart. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it -- does anyone remember which issue it was in?

    Bradley A. Scott
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    Bradley, the "All Aboard" issue you are looking for is the June-July 1992 issue. There is a nice shot of the Phenix depot on the front. Jeff Cooney
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    I thought someone might be interested attached is a satellite picture showing the KCC&S right of way running from Phenix Mo to Walnut Grove and the quarry at Phenix. also in the picture Frisco high line right of way even after all these years the grade can still be seen in a lot of places. I have used google earth to capture this emage you can download the software for free at or either one will get the download. the pictures are about 2 years old unless you want to pay for a live connection.

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    Are you looking for information specifixcally on the KCC&S? So am I. I am looking for depot pics from Walnut Grove, Eudora, Fairplay, Collins, Lowry City (same depot as Frisco High Line??), Belton (if different than High Line depot), Stanley, KS, Kenneth, KS and Morse, KS. Any info appreciated!

    Larry Murphy (
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    For depot photos, click on: Also click on the "All Aboard" at the top of this page, then go to "Depots & Stations." Most any Frisco depots you've ever heard of are in one or both of those.

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    That is good to hear. I hope they keep things somewhat pristine. When I wandered around the property circa 74-75, the place was in many ways just the way it was left. There were lots of Limestone blocks scattered about. The errors in the article a most amusing... Discovered limestone, indeed!

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