Passenger Train Consists And Cars Handled - Grand Central Station - Memphis, TN - 9/1/1965-9/24/1965

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    A good friend, John Martin, was baggageman and later ticket agent at Little Rock for Amtrak from March 1974 into the 1980s or later.

    At one point, he was assigned briefly to Memphis to cover a vacancy in the Memphis ticket office. When there, he had a chance to explore the underground tunnels where a lot of old station records were still stored.

    Fortuitously, he found a file covering Frisco passenger train consists for September 1965. He was unable to secure the book, but during "slow" time in the ticket office he did manage to transcribe the information and later compiled it into a booklet along with some random car counts from the 1950s. It provides a good record of the last days of the Kansas City-Florida Special and other trains which were discontinued on September 17, 1965.

    Did anyone get other similar records from Memphis Central Station?

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