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    These posts look pretty old, but if there's anyone interested, the right-of-way from the yard to where the old terminal was is plainly visible if you know where to look. It crossed Pace Blvd Just south of Garden/Navy and and basically parallels that road to Coyle St (where BellSouth is) which is where the old terminal was, and which is why the locomotive was placed in the median there. Go to 'A' Street and look closely at the road for about a block south of Garden and you'll see it. It creates sort of an alleyway through the otherwise solidly residential area which can be [indirectly] followed all the way back to the yard [would NOT recommend doing this after dark]. I lived in Pensacola until I joined the Air Force in 2004, and made it a hobby to trace former rights of way. A line once ran through Myrtle Grove, crossing Jackson St at 69th Ave--the only trace of that one is a stretc of otherwise inexplicable raised grade in someone's large side-yard visible from 69th ave. Anyone who would like more info on that or Pensacola Streetcar right-of-way is welcome to email me, or may I suggest a visit to the Pensacola Public Library records/reference/historical section at the downtown branch.

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