Passenger Bridge over the Frisco Yards

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    :) Passenger Bridge over the Frisco Yards - This bridge was put in over the yards in 1902. If you are heading north on Jefferson Ave, you will run right into. See 1902 Sanborn Map for location

    There is a few pieces of art to see as well as a little re-birth of Commerical Street going on. It is a shame this could not have happen whe the museum was there.

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    Passenger Bridge over the Frisco Yards. Springfield, MO.
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    Nice photos on this thread. Has the bridge been reopened? I believe that it was closed around 2014 for structural deficiencies.

    I used to take my son here and we'd watch the trains enter the yard and pass underneath. The double-stack trains were especially fun to watch, since there's only a few inches of clearance.

    Pat Moreland,
    Wesco, MO
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    The current (February 5, 2022) Google Map indicates the bridge is "Temporarily Closed." That is unfortunate because it does indeed appear to give a fantastic view of things for a railfan.

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