Parlor Cars 1925 (Trains 801 and 802)

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    From the Frisco Employee's Magazine, early 1925. Anyone have numbers or photos of these cars?


    "That oft abused term, "travel de luxe," may be appropriately applied to the comforts and conveniences of the handsome new parlor cars now in use between St. Louis and Memphis - and return - on the daylight trains, Numbers 801 and 802.

    Built within the Frisco's own shops at Springfield, the new parlor cars, with Fred Harvey dining service, are the last word in this type of transportation equipment.

    Comfortable easy chairs offer the parlor car passengers all the delights of a
    club, while a feature is the serving of meals to one without the passenger being obliged to move from his seat. This is accomplished by means of removable individual tables.

    At one end of the car are two tables for the serving of chair car and day coach passengers, making it unnecessary for these patrons of the dining car service to pass through the parlor section of the car, avoiding all crowding and discomfort to passengers seated in the chairs.

    The initial trip of the new cars was made on January 8th [1925], and they have found immediate favor with the traveling public. No route in the United States offers more in the way of attractive scenic beauty than that between St. Louis and Memphis, with the resultant view of the Father of the Waters for many miles of the trip."
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    Chris--I have a 1943 "Official Register Of Passenger Train Equipment" and there is no 801 or 802 passenger car on the Frisco roster. FYI.

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    Thanks, Tom...I should have been clearer. 801/802 in this article refers to Trains 801/802, the "Memphis Express."

    801/802 were daytime St. Louis-Memphis trains with coach service and cafe-parlor cars (c. 1924) that passed through Chaffee each afternoon. I don't have a discontinued date but it seems to fall off in the late 1920s in favor of the St. Louis-Memphis "Sunnyland" (Trains 807/808); the latter was born in late 1925.
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    I don't have any other ideas as to what kind or number those cars would have been unless they were remodeled coaches--there were some of those in the 700's.


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