Operating session 07/19/2015

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    We had a operating session today with some new friends from Texas that were in the GJ vacationing. Mike, Susan, Nathan, Meredith and Lauren Newton were able to stop by for a couple hours and help us run a few trains today. Put your mouse on the photos for a brief caption on each photo. That way when the website jumbles them all up you can still get an idea of where Mike and crew are at on the MRR. I hope it works. I have been trying to edit this post for an hour now. and I type changes in click save and it tells me that I need at least 5 characters to successfully edit. I have added over 50 and it still tells me it is not enough. aaargghh.

    I hope you can see some of the photos and captions, were sure enjoyed having Mike and his family over, he and Susan have a great bunch of kids, and so well mannered. not used to seeing that nowadays. They can stop by anytime, hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.

    Not a single derailment either, which as you know is a rare event when you have company over.

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    We sure enjoyed our time with you all!!!! You and your wife are great hosts, and you are a great trainmaster and teacher! Your layout is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please come by when you come to Fort Worth!!


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