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    Does anyone have bc we any information on Frisco passenger trains going in to Oklahima city. A friend if mine said that he rode from either okmulgee or Muskogee in the early 60's and said the train backed all the way to Oklahoma City from one of those places.

    Any have an answer to that.


    Mark H
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    Unless there was a detour owing to either a derailment or a washout or some similar event, I do not understand how that would have happened. Okmulgee is not on the Frisco's passenger line, which ran from Tulsa to OKC by way of Sapulpa. Muskogee is on the M-K-T, which did not offer passenger service into OKC during the 1960s.

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    The Frisco operated the Black Gold, its overnight Tulsa-DFW until Jan 19, 1960. The Black Gold had a scheduled stop at Okmulgee. As Greg notes a reverse move to Tulsa would have been due to extraordinary circumstances.
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