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    Is the old C & A-GM&O line across Missouri (From Roodhouse, IL to Mexico, Marshall and Kansas City) still active and in use?

    Thanks, Tom
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    Tom, I believe it is. I think it is now KCS owned and operated. I have a coworker who just bought property in southern Randolph County as a retirement place. He told me that it is adjacent to the KCS line, and that there's an old county road bridge over the line that's good for training watching. According to his reports, the traffic is not heavy, but there's enough that he notices it when there on weekends.

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    It is still a KCS-operated line.

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    After GM&O, this line was ICG, CMNW (Chicago, Missouri & Western) and then GWWR (Gateway Western). The KCS bought the GWWR and eventually merged it into the rest of their system. The last I knew, they ran two trains a day each way. One train is all intermodal or at least very heavy with it.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Tom G.

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