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    W.S. Junction to Willow Springs, MO.-

    M.P.- Station------ Blt.- P.C.---- County-
    205.6 W.S.Jct.---- 1882 KCS&M1 Greene
    208.1 Nathalia---- 1882 KCS&M1 Greene
    211.1 Turner------ 1882 KCS&M1 Greene
    215.6 Palmetto---- 1882 KCS&M1 Greene
    218.4 Rogersville--- 1882 KCS&M1 Webster
    222.3 Mathal------ 1882 KCS&M1 Webster
    225.9 Fordland---- 1882 KCS&M1 Webster
    230.9 Diggins----- 1882 KCS&M1 Webster
    236.0 Seymour---- 1882 KCS&M1 Webster
    239.4 Crabb's Spur 1882 KCS&M1 Webster
    242.6 Cedar Gap--- 1882 KCS&M1 Wright
    245.2 Lead Hill---- 1882 KCS&M1 Wright
    248.3 Mansfield--- 1882 KCS&M1 Wright
    254.0 Locke------- 1882 KCS&M1 Wright
    254.6 Macomb----- 1882 KCS&M1 Wright
    259.6 Norwood----- 1882 KCS&M1 Wright
    261.7 Burton's----- 1882 KCS&M1 Wright
    267.2 Whetstone--- 1882 KCS&M1 Wright
    268.9 Mtn.Grove--- 1882 KCS&M1 Wright
    273.0 Dunn-------- 1882 KCS&M1 Texas
    276.0 Hank's------ 1882 KCS&M1 Texas
    278.5 Cabool------ 1882 KCS&M1 Texas
    285.0 Sargent----- 1882 KCS&M1 Texas
    288.4 Sterling----- 1882 KCS&M1 Howell
    292.7 Willow Sprs.- 1882 KCS&M1 Howell

    Predecessor Company-
    1) KCS&M1-Kansas City, Springfield & Memphis RR (1)

    1) W.S. Junction is short for "Willow Springs" Junction.
    2) Connects with Springfield Terminal Sub at W.S. Junction.
    3) Connects with Current River branch at Willow Springs.
    4) Interchanges with Kansas City, Ozarks & Southern RY at Mansfield (Mansfield to Ava, MO., narrow gauge RR).
    5) CTC controlled sidings: Rogersville,Diggins,Cedar Gap, Locke,Norwood,Mountain Grove,Cabool,Willow Springs.
    6) CTC siding at Locke placed in service 4/1/98, 8'800-feet.
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    I just found out myself shooting pictures for CTC's DINA contest in October. The Sargent siding southeast of Cabool has been replaced. It starts just north of the railroad crossing in Sargent and goes north on a mostly tangent curving to the right and out of sight. The roadway (paved) follows it most of the way. I understand this was a siding years ago but was removed several decades prior to being reinstalled last year. This was also the location of a runby when 1522 traversed the route in the early 90's. Thought you might like to know.
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    About the Kansas City, Ozarks & Southern mentioned in note 4 - was this a completely separate entity from the Frisco? I have only found some vague, sketchy information on this railroad. I have seen two pictures, both of a heisler locomotive and short mixed train. I have seen this railroad attributed to being built by the Frisco, a Frisco branchline, or as an independant railroad. As best as I can tell it was built around 1910 and lasted until 1935. Have also seen a reference to the locomotive as being leased from the Frisco, which does not make sense if a) it was narrow gauge and b) it was a geared locomotive. Who can fill in the blanks?
  4. Kansas City Ozarks & Southern RY became Ozark Southern RY. Captive customer of Frisco but not a part of it. SPV Railroad Atlas shows the line was standard guage.

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