NMRA Bulletin Aug 1981 - Seligman Depot

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    Does anyone have a copy of the Aug 1981 NMRA bulletin they'd like to sell?

    Page 23 is supposed to have the plans for the Seligman MO depot. I don't know if it is the 1800's version, the 1909/1910 version or the 1960's version. I hope it is the 1909/1910 version.

    I couldn't tell if it was available on the NMRA.org site.

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    While I still haven't found a copy of the bulletin, I did receive this information from an uncle. I have done some editing to shorten it a bit. I'm sorry if it's still a little lengthy.

    "The layout of the depot from south to was like this. There was a covered area on the south that probably was 25 to 30 feet in length. Then the waiting room was probably 20 to 25 feet with the full width of the depot. Then in the center was the agent office again the full width, but on the west side it jutted out about 5 feet or so so the agent could look out to see what was happening up and down the tracks.

    A central corridor ran the full width of the depot with doors on the east and west sides. In this corridor was the door to the office. On the south side of the office was a ticket window in the waiting room, but I don't remember if there was a door from the office into the waiting room. I suppose that there was, but it may have been covered up since the waiting room was never open. There were doors on each side of the waiting room. The North Arkansas call board was hanging on the west side of the waiting room with train numbers and times still on it. To the north of the center corridor were 3 freight bays comprising the north portion of the depot with freight doors on each end east and west.

    The color of the depot is kind of hard to describe, but I guess the best way it it was a dark gray green. It wasn't really green and it wasn't really gray, but it was a dirty in between.

    The North Arkansas originally wanted to come into the station from the south, but the elevations would not let them do that. So they had to settle for pulling onto the Frisco main line and backing into the station.
    The track layouts were triple tracks on each side of the depot with the east being North Arkansas and the west being Frisco. The North Arkansas side switched off the Frisco main just north of the exchange building.

    Originally where the exchange building was, was an engine house for the North Arkansas. I don't know when it was torn down and the warehouse built. The tracks curved around the east side of the depot. When they were straight with the depot a track switched to the south straight toward the exchange building.

    Just north of the warehouse was a turntable that would have lead into the engine house. On the east side of this track and just south of where the street crossed the tracks to main street sat the coal shed for the depot. It was a gray building about 4' by 4' with a peaked roof. Continuing north the tracks switched into 3 tracks. One running straight north until it got to the tracks going down the hollow then they curved around ran next to Frisco main. On this north end of the track was where the A & O would overnight in town. They had electricity there to plug in for the night and stay in the caboose.

    As the other 2 tracks switched off the depot platform curved around to the west to accommodate the track layout. They all came back together just before the street north of Butler hollow and switched onto the Frisco main line.

    On the west side the tracks came off the Frisco main just north of this same street and just south of this street branched off into 2 tracks along with the main line. They all ran straight south until just behind the exchange building where the outer track came back into the second track. This track continued next to the main until just south of the street south of you folks place. Where the switch still is today. The 2 tracks also switched together across from your folk's place and about 20 feet north.

    One other thing, the depot platform, from the south side to about 50 feet north of the depot(at this point the NA siding and the Frisco main were far enough apart that there was a one lane road to the platform)was paved with brick. Coffeyville red bricks laid in a herring bone pattern.

    On the west side of the tracks, just west of the depot was where Webb unloaded and stored Propane, then going north there were 2 feed warehouses of which we had the north one. Then there was an open area until you got to the street that crossed the tracks and went to Doc Browns house. Just north of this street was the cattle pens to load cattle on the railroad.

    On the east side, just a little north and next to Rubow's store was Fawver's cement warehouse and just north of that building was Fawver's feed warehouse. These buildings were both red..."

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