Nice lighting alternative for staging or double decked track.

Discussion in 'Layout Electronics' started by klrwhizkid, Mar 19, 2012.

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    There are a number of ebay sellers out there that have LED lighting in 5 meter (16ft) strips that operate on 12 volts. I have purchased 5 reels of these lights and installed one set under the kitchen cabinets for counter-top lighting. The same seller I purchased from has 12 volt power supplies for these strips.

    The strips can be cut up into various lengths in multiples of 3 LEDs and can be soldered to wires at each of the copper pads seen in the picture. One full strip draws 2 amps of current.

    Modelers here in KC are using a 3 LED segment to light the interior of a building. One strung a strip along the underside of the roof of a car shed for general lighting and used 9 volts to soften the brightness.

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    That's pretty cool, Keith.
    Are the 'yellow dots' the actual bulbs?

    Response: Yes, they are the LEDs. Nice brightness and warm color - not cold white.
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    We have purchased a set of LED "rope" lights which are in like 6', 12' and 24 foot lengths and can be connected together by just plugging them into each other. They come with the power built in. We have used them on our deck for lighting. They came from Menards and are about a dollar a foot. They also give you little clips that can attach them to a surface.

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    Tony, I too have previously purchased LED rope lights, but the LEDs were that bright cool white and the length is somewhat fixed.

    The bigger difference is that these LED strips can be cut to length and/or smaller pieces, powered separately or re-connected with wider spacing, using wire between the segments.

    BTW, there is a pressure-sensitive adhesive strip along the entire length of the LED strip. Peel and stick!
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    Tony and I live in Wichita, KS and over the weekend a bunch of kids in a neighborhood on the other side of town went around and stole these lights from several people's back yards either to sell them or as a prank. Problem was that one of the people they robbed also had a video camera set up and they got identified and caught. The morale to this story is that modern technology, whether it be rope lights or video cameras is really something!

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