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Discussion in 'Ft. Smith Subdivision' started by Ozarktraveler, Dec 13, 2011.

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    Relatives in Seligman have informed me that rail traffic on the former Ft Smith sub has increased. In addition to the A&M traffic there have been BNSF trains (leased power?) and UP grain/mixed trains as well. The UP grain trains run north to Butterfield MO to George's.

    It's not Frisco, but it's nice to see rail traffic up again. Does anyone know if there are detours or ? contributing to the rise in traffic? (Andre?)
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    Grain trains. Our corn business is starting to come back. Playing havoc with crew assignment, though. I'm working 11-12 hours a day now due to the crew shuffling needed. Once the winter psgr train kicks in, I'll also (likely) go to 6 days a week for a few months. Railroading = Feast or famine.

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    The BNSF train is a unit train that runs to the very large George's fdeedmill at Butterfield, MO . The Butterfield facility, the highest in Mc Donald County, MO., can handle 108 cars. They have had trains that included grains for both Butterfield and the George's mill in Springdale. It is a tight situation as the demurrage is $100 per hour.
    The UP unit train enters the A & M at Van Buren , AR. and in the past has served mills of Georges, Tyson and Cargill located in Springdale, AR. The UP regularly handed over the unit train to A & M at Van Buren. It operated for two years beginning in January 2006.
    The unit trains are feasible because the A & M is now suitable for six-axle power and 286,000 pound cars once a big track improvement project was completed in 2005. The railroad is now 120-130 pound CWR with a maximum track speed of 49 mph.
    The mill operators are making a sizable bet on the direction of poultry feed ingrediens when they buy in unit train lots.
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    I spotted a UP engine at the A&M headquarters yesterday (Dec. 13). Apparantly, some of the UP business is coming back.
    -Mike Sypult
    MP 333 Central Division
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    Thanks for the responses...
  6. I heard yesterday at the A&M Volunteer Conductors Party that A&M is expecting traffic volumes to expand this next year. The General Manager for the excursion trains(Brenda Rouse) said that it could be usual for us to be waiting in Chester a lot for daytime freights to pass. Atleast with this traffic we know that railroaders for the line will have jobs.
    Ship on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Jenkins

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