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    We're mostly settled into our home in Rule, TX. With any move, there were many unexpected issues and occurrences but all is well.

    The 25' X 35' building that was going to be converted to a layout building is full of stuff for the property: 60" mower / tractor, trailer, spray trailer, etc. As a result, the space for a layout has been reduced to 14' X 20'. A little bit of a disappointment, but still an improvement over the tiny basement in Colorado Springs!!

    The layout is going to be a fictitious venture between the QA&P, the FW&D and the Orient Line (Rule is on the old Orient Line. The depot is still in town and in excellent condition). The room is actually 19' X 19', but using the entire room would not leave room for a couple of pieces of furniture I want in the room, and would necessitate two lift outs.

    Attached are the two proposed layout plans I have designed. Both have numerous shortcomings, but are getting close to being as good as I am capable of. They will be predominantly west central Texas scenery--just west of where we live across the Brazos River.

    One is an around the room shelf layout with one lift out. It has a mainline run of 55', has a few industry spurs, but offers ease of access and maintenance (nothing that can't be easily reached), and I can use 34" radius curves on the mainline.

    The other is a modified folded dogbone. The mainline is 104' long. It is my favorite of the two, but the mainline radius is 30" in most places; there are a few locations that will be difficult to reach and will need some access panels, and I'm concerned about whether I'll ever finish it.

    Any suggestions are welcome. Karl already made a couple regarding the folded dogbone and I did my best to improve upon his ideas (the yard and loco facility are too far apart, but better than they were). A few photos of the scenery I will use are also attached.

    Time to head to church!

    IMG_20191010_094744609.jpg Brazos crossing.jpg IMG_20190506_122324609.jpg 3 rd Plan It CAD layout copy reverse.jpg Around the wall shelf layout.jpg IMG_20190326_163713_456.jpg
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    Good Morning Paul,

    These are both very nice. While I like the second one a bit more, I would recommend adjusting the track arrangements for small town 1 and 2 such that you could switch them with the drop-down removed. Perhaps a run-around in each or a two-ended siding for the industries. For the spurs, face the other way or give a bit more lead without the drop-down. One thing I like about the second layout is that you could build it a bit at a time.

    I look forward to seeing progress, which ever you choose to build. Let me know what era you choose, and I will send you an appropriate Wichita Falls and Northwestern boxcar for your rolling stock collection (if time is appropriate (pre-1923))!

    -Bob T.
  3. rjthomas909

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    P.S. Here is a nice scene for you:


    This black and white photograph shows the Kansas City, Mexico, & Orient Railway's bridge #1009.5 at the fourth crossing at Alamito Creek that extended between Alpine, Texas and Presidio, Texas.

    Original source:

    And another:


    This black and white photograph shows a group of men standing in front of a Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway's caboose in Rule, Texas.

    Date: Between 1900 and 1928

    Original Source:

    Kansas Historical Society.
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    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the suggestions. Let me look at the designs and see how I can incorporate what you suggested. The run around for small town 1 would be easy. I've already considered that. Your offer of a boxcar is incredibly generous!! Thank you!! I also am leaning towards the second, simpler design. It allows more than just a layout in the room; is easier to reach all portions of the layout without liftout access panels; and would be fairly easy to actually complete.

    Most of what I model is steam / diesel transition. I like steam primarily, but also incorporate a little early diesel. About all I have in the way of diesels is F units, FA's (Frisco), and an SD-7 that may be sold because it's Rio Grande that ran on the layout I had when we lived in Colorado.
    The two scene are great. I had thought of a fairly long, low timber trestle, but the plate girder might be better. Those were numerous around this area. Amazing that you found a photo of a caboose in Rule!!!


    Paul Moore
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    I'd try to steer clear of the lift-outs. Your first plan looks better to me. On the other hand, given all those wide-open spaces I see in the attached photos, why not do G-scale and build outdoors?

  6. skyraider

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    We actually looked at building a large garden layout. The issue with that is moving everything related to the layout to mow the three acres...or doing hours of trimming to mow and trim around it.
    I couldn't figure out a way to get over or around the track. We have 48 pecan trees on the property, as well. I'd have to sell all my HO and O scale to buy G scale, but that could be done.

    A couple of photos of the property attached.
    ext rear property.jpg ext front 4.jpg

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    Both layouts have positives. Personally, I like the first plan. It has a about the same industries, but has a yard, whereas the second doesn't.

    What every you end up doing, good luck with it. I just got moved in to my new house this weekend, I've got some work to do before I can start building the next layout.
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    The "work on the house" part I completely understand. We've replaced some of the siding (house is part brick / part wood siding) scraped, caulked, sanded and painted the exterior; cut two cords of firewood with the chainsaw; replaced two ceiling fans and two light fixtures; installed four sets of mini blinds; etc.; etc. It's a solid old house, but it's old. It may still be awhile before actually starting the new layout.

    Personally, I like the first layout better. The scenic opportunities exceed the second. But the first one will take twice as long to build, cost twice as much, etc.

    As a result, I designed the second as a simpler, easier to build version of the first. I'm still on the fence as to which one I will build...or maybe design something completely different!!! It's supposed to be fun, so I'm not placing any pressure on myself to get started.

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    Bob (and anyone else viewing),

    Note attached revised layout plan. The two industries have been changed and now have run arounds or through tracks.


    Around the wall shelf layout.jpg
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    Very Nice. I might measure when building for clearance of "Small Town 2" to make sure the loco could escape, and scootch over to the left just a bit if needed. I would also consider making the run around in "Small Town 1" more central along the main, emerging where where you have the word "Flats". Are you drawing this in AnyRail? As Ethan pointed out, you might want more of a yard in the central town. If 2-2.5 inch centers would permit, you might put another track on the upper area above the wye, even if one of the tracks was stub-ended. This is going to be a nice project!

    Take Care,

    -Bob T.
  11. skyraider

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    Building clearance won't be an issue. They can be moved. They're not even the actual buildings that came off of my last layout--just buildings from the CAD program (3rd PlanIt).

    The plan is to finalize the layout as much as possible on paper, then build the benchwork and table top. Any adjustments necessary to trackwork and building location can still be made at that time.


    Paul Moore
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