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  1. Marion apparently built some machines for the Frisco ages before I got there - maybe 6 units? - had to be steam ditchers or wreckers, but I was unable to find their print books. They were probably stored in one of the pattern storage buildings - a nightmare to find anything in there - climbing around in the dark with the bats. The records storage "system" for the ancient machines were print books wrapped up in dry linen bags - with a wired on tag that indicated the shop order number and serial number of the unit. There were gearing sets for south pacific sugar mills - and WWI shore defense guns (rail mounted) - and who knows what else was in there. Everything up to about 1950 was mostly destroyed when the building was "re-purposed". They should have given all of that stuff to the Smithsonian - or sold it as antiquities - instead it went in ten wheel dump trucks to the Marion County landfill.
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    I still can't believe Caterpillar acquired Bucyrus. True, Caterpillar's made hydraulic loading shovels for many years now, but the sort of machines Bucyrus and Marion made are on a whole 'nother level. On the other hand, I doubt Bucyrus would've been able to survive on its own given how coal's on its way out thanks to the abundance of cheap natural gas on the market today.
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  3. Caterpillar and Komatsu have competed "eyeball to eyeball" all around the world. Komatsu tried to get a leg up on the battle for mining machine business by buying Joy/Harnischfeger to get the P&H shovel line and the Page draglines. The idea being that they could quote a "full mine package" - with haul trucks, shovels, dozers, rubber tired loaders, (Demag) hydraulic excavators and motor graders all sold for a single, all inclusive deal with spares and service. A big play for all the cards. CAT followed suit by buying Bucyrus who had already acquired Marion, Terex, Unit Rig and O&K - they now can offer the same full-house deal. Literally billions of dollars of equipment bought by the major world-wide mining players gets bid on, in every theater. Focus has steadily shifted to the metal mining side of things - so a new dragline wouldn't be a common purchase in the current marketplace (it is much cheaper to move an old one and upgrade the electrical package - rather than think about new iron). Coal isn't king in the world equipment business.

    Of interest to me and my Ohio friends (a sad victory) - after the purchase of Marion, Bucyrus was never able to sell a new, large, BE pattern dragline. No more pipe booms and failure prone walking mechanicals - customers only wanted the more rugged Marion style of machine. Harnischfeger only built 7 big draglines (8750 size, and only one in North America) and those 9020's had such a horrible reputation, I think twenty years or more has passed since the last one was built.
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    My seniority date is June 23, 1952. The roster below includes cranes primarily used in Frisco's MofW Dep't. Lorain is main manufacturer. DLS is Drag Line Shovel, RL for Rail layer The model 7 X 8 American Rail Layer Diesel Power - RL32 & RL33 I can't vouch for but am wondering if they were originally steam powered? The late Stuart brothers, Harry , Senior Date 2-11-19, & Andy, not shown on roster but believed older, both were American Ditcher Machine operators. Andy is pictured several times operating the TL-20 Moto Crane assisting with moving locomotive 4524 to its current location in 1954

    Model L40B, L41 & L50 Crawler Crane Nos. DLS-1 DLS-4, DL-6, & DL7Model TL-20, 6 X 6 Moto Crane, DLS2Model L 72 & L-820 Crawler CraneModel 15 Burro Crane - Rail layer Nos. RL-25 & RL-30
    Model 40 Burro Crane - Rail Layer, RL31Model 7 X 8 American Rail Layer Diesel Power - RL-32 & RL-33
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    Hello everybody,

    This is Gabriel Gerard speaking. In case you are wondering why I am posting from another account, it is because I can no longer access the profile I used to create this thread. It was linked to my Google account and for whatever reason, is no longer allowing me to access this website through my Google account. :( I have already contacted FriscoCharlie and asked him to go ahead and delete my old profile.

    Gabriel G.
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    Gabriel, I have merged your old account into this new one, so all your previous posts will show up with this newer ID.
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    Thank you very much! :D

    Gabriel G.
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