New Athearn HO scale PS 4740 covered hopper

Discussion in 'Covered Hoppers' started by Iantha_Branch, Sep 21, 2011.

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    I don't see this posted any where on the site so I guess I'll do the honors......

    In this month's announcements was a PS 4740 covered hopper with Frisco paint scheme.
    If you try to find it on the web site I believe it would be listed under 54' PS covered hopper but it's not there yet, so give it a couple of days.

    Now, I would like some info about this model. The two hoppers I always hear about are the Thrall 4750 (popular model, love the look of it) and the PS 4427 high side. I've never heard of the PS 4740. Looks similar to the Thrall 4750. Is it something real or made up?

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    Others may want to weigh in here but these three car numbrs fall into the 4750 cu.ft. class of hoppers that Intermountain has already produced.
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    My sincere thanks as the New Products Moderator to Ethan for posting about this product as quite frankly I flat missed it! I m going to go ahead and post the particulars as I always try to do over under the New Products category. We should probably also leave this thread intact as I see no harm in having it both places.
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    "Ya got trouble, my friend, right here... I say, trouble right here in River City!" Bob, your record as New Products Moderator has been so stellar, I don't believe that one miss is going to result in a "coup d'Bob." :)

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    Yes, the PS4740 is an actual prototype. It was phased out in favor of the 4750. The 4740 has a low peaked roof, 16 side posts and often no jack pad. The 4750 has a clerestory roof, 18 side posts and a trapezoidal jack pad. Both the PS 4740 and 4750 were popular cars and several manufacturers offered what are essentially clones of both of them.

    Since Athearn does not offer a 4750 hopper, over the years they have offered their 4740 decorated for many schemes actually worn by PS 4750s and Thrall 4750s, which as you correctly pointed out, is very similar to the PS 4740.

    While the Athearn model was nice for its day (1960s?), the model offered by Tangent is a much more faithful replica of the PS 4740. Intermountain's PS 4750 still holds up well against models tooled in the last couple decades but it does have some flaws (only brake option are truck mounted brakes, one rare outlet gate option, too wide side posts). I'm sure the Athearn model will be nice, but I'll pass on these.

    Ryan H
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    To All:

    Horizon Hobbies (Athearn's Wholesale Arm) is showing all three stock #'s of this hopper as being IN STOCK.
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    These, the air slides and even the GP15-1's are still all over ebay.


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