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    I have an P2KSR decoder from NCE which I want to use in an application where it will need to be hard-wired rather than plugged in. What I need to know is, looking at the 8 pins with the components of the decoder facing upward and the pins on the right, what are the connections for the pins, i.e., which pin connects to the top motor brush, the bottom brush, the right wheel pickup, etc.? I have an 8-pin receptacle to plug into, so I will not be soldering on the pins, but I need to know what wires to solder to the tabs on the receptacle. Basically what I need is a schematic. This is a salvage job from another installation and I am trying to find a use for this decoder other than wastebasket filler.

    Thanks for helping out!

    Greg Stout
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    Greg, the manual should tell you what pin is what. Let me go to the NCE website and see if it has the manual.

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    Greg, if you look at it standing vertical with the pins facing you and the long side of the decoder pointed down the top left hand pin is pin 1. Pin 1 is your orange wire (top motor lead), pin 4 (top right hand side) is you black wire (track pick up), pin 5 is grey wire (botttom motor lead) and pin 8 is red wire (other track pick up.) I believe that red is right rail and black is left rail.
    Hope this helps

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    I will let you know when and if it starts smoking.


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    Here's a direct look at the pinouts for that decoder.

    Pin 1 = Motor + (Orange)
    Pin 2 = Rear Light -Yellow)
    Pin 3 = Optional
    Pin 4 = Left Rail (Black)
    Pin 5 = Motor - (Gray)
    Pin 6 = Headlight - (White)
    Pin 7 = Light Common + (Blue)
    Pin 8 = Right Rail (Red)

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    You're the best, thanks!


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